Our Journey

KK Chai

On 16th of January 2001, it marked the dawn of KK Supermart, founded by Datuk Seri Dr. KK Chai together with the participation of his siblings. The humble beginning of KK Supermart occupied the ground floor of a shop lot at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park in Kuala Lumpur with the initial capital of only RM60,000.00. With true commitment, well-thought strategies and immediate implementation attitude, the company expanded its business to more than 777 units of retailing outlets spreading across Malaysian and abroad to Nepal and India. The numbers of the outlet is consistently growing and the company is expanding aggressively.

Holding onto tradition and paying homage to the past, KK Supermart is sustainable as a modernized mom-and-pop store providing an all year round 24 hours convenience service to the rakyat for their daily essentials. The company is well aware of the contemporary and near future needs, hence, strives to meet both expectations resulting in a vast variety of the latest household products with affordable prices.

All along, Datuk Seri ​Dr. KK Chai stood his ground firmly and pursue further into his entrepreneurial journey, driven by “There is no free lunch in this world”. In year 2007, his journey began with the establishment of KK Home Deco, KK Kopitiam, and KK Food Court. The next following years announced the establishments of KK Motorsports, KK Fresh Mart, SKCC Beauty International, Clara International Beauty Salon (Brunei), SKCC Laboratories, SKCC Development & Construction, K2 Corporation, KK Hotel, Hornets Marketing, 88°C Bakery Cafe, and the latest Polo Formosa in January 2016. With all these achievements, we are indeed proud that KK Group of Companies has definitely come of age.

We are truly humbled by the good fortune and opportunities endowed to KK Group of Companies. These 17 years grant us the opportunity to show our gratitude to the front liners, especially those behind the scene individuals for their selfless contributions in our time of need. It is our earnest wish that they can continuously show such generosity and courtesy in the years to come. At KK Group of Companies, we strongly believe that together, the company will be a place of infinite possibilities and opportunities for each and every one while contributing towards the economic well-being of our motherland, as well as being a responsible corporate citizen to society.