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More ecoupon agents needed

Selangor ecoupon
KK Supermart and Superstore Sdn Bhd founder Datuk Seri Dr K.K. Chai (second from left) showing Ng a parking ecoupon.

THERE are over 400 ecoupon agents in Selangor, with more to be roped in soon.

State local government, public transport and new village development committee chairman Ng Sze Han said a high number of agents were needed to help Selangor transition to a paperless parking system.

 “Even though the parking system has gone digital in Selangor, we still need more ecoupon agents to help those without smartphones.

“Agents’ service will also be useful for out-of-state visitors to Selangor as it may not be practical to register for a Smart Selangor Parking (SSP) account,” said Ng at the launch of the SSP ecoupon at a KK Mart in Bandar Puchong Jaya.

Ng said the paperless parking system was convenient, even for those without the SSP application, as there was no need to display a coupon on the vehicle after making payment.

He said the number of agents could be reduced over time once more people downloaded the SSP.

He added that there were over two million registered users now.

When buying an ecoupon, motorists have to provide their vehicle registration number, state the duration of their parking and pay at the cashier’s counter.

Users can also choose to top up their SSP balance with ecoupon agents, purchase monthly parking passes and pay compounds.

KK Mart’s participation as an ecoupon agent brings the total number of agents in Selangor to 420. There are 263 KK Mart locations in addition to 157 other stores that have signed up as agents.

“More convenience store chains will come on board in one or two weeks’ time as they are in the final stages of registration,” said Ng.

He also urged the people to exchange unused valid coupons for SSP parking credit through the Smart Selangor credit exchange programme and via local councils by April 30.

Separately, he said the two-hour parking limit to be implemented in Subang Jaya’s commercial “hot zones” from June 1 would be expanded to other local councils.

“Subang Jaya City Council will be the first to implement it but other local councils have already initiated the implementation process.”

He said the move was aimed at improving parking space usage, following complaints from motorists on the difficulty of finding parking bays in commercial areas.

“This is a very common practice in big cities worldwide,” said Ng.

He added that the “hot zones” would only be implemented in certain sections of busy commercial areas.

Subang Jaya mayor Datuk Johary Anuar said the city council had identified parking areas in SS15 of Subang Jaya as well as Jalan Kenari and Bandar Puteri in Puchong for the two-hour parking limit scheme.

He previously said other roads in USJ 9, USJ 10, SS19 and Bandar Sunway were being considered too.

“Up to 30% parking bays on certain roads will be designated as “hot zones” and will be marked after being gazetted,” he added.