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WP: (KUALA LUMPUR, 19th April) KK SUPER MART, the largest local 24 hours convenience supermarket chain in Malaysia, is pleased to announce that its customers are now able to use Maybank QRPay for purchases. KK SUPER MART is a leader in digital payment acceptance as it has adopted digital payment extensively since two years ago. To date, almost all prominent local e-wallets are accepted in KK SUPER MART.

Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai, Founder and Group Executive Chairman of KK SUPER MART, witnessed the use of Maybank QRPay at KK SUPER MART. Datuk Seri KK Chai said “It is an honour for KK SUPER MART to collaborate with Malaysia’s largest bank, Maybank, to enable Maybank QRPay for our customers.” He believes that Maybank QRPay is one of the best digital payment options in the market mainly because the QRPay is extremely convenient as it deducts directly from the bank account and Maybank has the largest customer base in Malaysia. He believes that having Maybank QRPay will help to bring in more customers to KK SUPER MART.

Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai added that although the usage of digital payment/e-wallet in Malaysia is still in its growth stage, he is optimistic that it will soon gain public acceptance. He noted that using e-wallets does not create any inconvenience for its customers. Conversely, users are able to enjoy a lot of preferential treatment and discounts. Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai emphasized that KK SUPER MART encourages the use of e-wallets because it is convenient and allows its customers to make payment quickly and get their shopping done fast. It reduces calculation error and solves the issue of lack of spare change.

Datuk Seri Dr KK Chai strongly agrees with the Central Bank’s policy of promoting e-wallets and fully supports it. He continues to clarify that KK SUPER MART will not be contented with the traditional business model. The use of e-wallets is only part of its ongoing effort to modernise its operations. KK SUPER MART will continue to transform, to bridge the online and offline (O2O) gap. He believes that customers’ needs have evolved with the progress of society, and only transformation will enable the enterprise to continue to grow steadily.

Kalyani Nair, Head of Virtual Banking & Payments, Maybank said, “Maybank is pleased to have KK SUPER MART on-board as a Maybank QRPay merchant, given the brand’s large retail presence. Through KK SUPER MART’s extensive network, Maybank QRPay hopes to reach more Malaysians to better enable a cashless society.”

“Currently more than 66% of all mobile banking transactions in Malaysia are done through the Maybank App and our goal is to continuously improve our digital offering, to simplify our customers’ retail experience and simplify their lifestyle. This is in line with our commitment to be the ‘Digital Bank of Choice’ in the region,” Kalyani added.