KK APP Malaysia Loyalty Programme & e-Mart "Terms & Conditions"


About KK App
KK SUPERMART & SUPERSTORE SDN BHD Mobile Application Program (The “KK App”) is developed and maintained by Tmall Commerce Sdn Bhd. The KK App is issued to the Customer by KK SUPERMART & SUPERSTORE SDN BHD. It allows the Customer to collect and redeem on to the Customer KK App for future use at KK Super Mart stores. The KK App is to be treated as loyalty programme. Points valued stored not transferrable back to cash. The points value stored onto the Customer KK App can be used as payment only for purchase of goods and *services provided by KK Super Mart stores. KK App is not associated with any credit line, overdraft protection or deposit account. No Interest, dividends or any other earnings on points (KKoin) value stored on to the Customer account in KK App will accrue or be paid or credited to the Customer by KK Super Mart. The value associated with the KK App is not insured or guaranteed by any person or entity.
The KK App if reasonably believe that the use is unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful KK Super Mart reserve all rights to reject or deny such payment using the KK App.

The KK App can be install by any Customer through Play Store and App Store. It allows the Customer to register as a member by downloading the KK App. To use the app the Customer must first download and key in the Customer personal details as required. Each Customer is given their respective account number under the KK App.
Upon downloading the KK App has no points value. The Customer will need to fill in “Additional Details” in order to get the points (KKoin) value to make any purchase at KK Super Mart. To collect points (KKoin) value, the Customer will need to use KK App to make any purchases at KK Super Mart. Once the Customer have collect points (KKoin) value into the KK App, it takes 5 days to process the points (KKoin) into Customer account, then the Customer is able to immediately use the points (KKoin) without any delay. The points (KKoin) value that the Customer store into the Customer l KK App cannot be exchangable for cash at any time.

Fees and Expiry Date
The Customer KK App will expire if not used within one (1) year after the last transaction transacted.

Receipts and Statements
KK Super Mart will not issue or send any receipts or statements of itemized transactions through the KK App. However the Customer can check the balance of the points (KKoin) through the KK App. The Customer is advise to keep the receipts to check the Customer transaction history via the KK App to ensure that the Customer account balance is correct.

The Customer are required to register for the KK App in order to earn points (collectively referred to as “KKoin”) for all transactions made in KK Super Mart stores in Malaysia, except outside of Malaysia. For those registered users, the Customer will earn 1 KKoin for every RM1 the Customer make payment by the way of physical cash or payment through KK App. In any case where the KK App is not presented, the Customer will not be able to enjoy the KKoin to redeem benefits and privileges. The following is an example of the KKoin collection mechanics:

Transaction DateTransaction ValueKKoin Collected
1 Apr 2021, Receipt #1RM 35.8035 KKoin
1 Apr 2021, Receipt #2RM 3.5803 KKoin
2 Apr 2021, Receipt #1RM 30.4530 KKoin
5 Apr 2021, Receipt #2RM 18.4518 KKoin
Total KKoin Collected as of April 2021 86 KKoin

For the avoidance of doubt, no KKoin will be earned for any purchasing of services. e.g. any reload services, mobile starter packs, bill payment, courier services, shipping fees, money changing services and etc in KK Super Mart stores.

Purchase to be collected with KKoin may take up to five (5) days to be reflected in the Customer account.

In the event that purchase to be collected with KKoin are not reflected in the Customer account after five (5) days, the affected Member shall inform KK Super Mart via the in-app feedback page within fourteen (14) days from the date of the relevant Redemption by providing all relevant information. No further correspondence will be entertained for any feedback received after the fourteen (14) days from the time of the Redemption.

There is no minimum amount of KKoin required before the Customer can start spending the KKoin. Every 100 KKoin accumulated will entitle to redeem Ringgit Malaysia One (RM 1.00) at KK Super Mart stores.