Outlet 689 - Putra Heights, Subang Jaya, Selangor.

✨Hooray, the new 𝐊𝐊 𝐒𝐔𝐏𝐄𝐑 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐓 outlet #𝟲𝟴𝟵 𝗣𝗨𝗧𝗥𝗔 𝗛𝗘𝗜𝗚𝗛𝗧𝗦, 𝗦𝗨𝗕𝗔𝗡𝗚 𝗝𝗔𝗬𝗔 officially opened today 🎉
Thank you for everyone that come to support, grab all promotion items and enjoy 🍛𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 𝐃𝐈𝐍𝐍𝐄𝐑 🍛 today 🛍️
You can locate us easily! We are at the same row Mr Diy and 7Eleven. Yes, we opened 24 hours daily for you. Visit us now 😉