Outlet 638 - Mengelembu, Ipoh , Perak

Horay, 𝐊𝐊 𝐒𝐔𝐏𝐄𝐑 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐭 #638 at 𝐌𝐞𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐞𝐦𝐛𝐮, 𝐈𝐩𝐨𝐡, 𝐏𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐤 finally open for everyone today 🤪🎉
🎉 We so happy to see everyone enjoy 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 𝐃𝐈𝐍𝐍𝐄𝐑 🍛 & 𝐒𝐏𝐄𝐂𝐈𝐀𝐋 𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐓𝐒 here. Thank you for coming ❤️🤪
🎊 Special thanks for DATUK SERI MICHAEL CHONG, Head of MCA Public Service and Complaints Dept, DATO’ KONG CHEE WAI, YBHG, CLR. CHAN SOON YIP, from Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh, MR CHEAH WEE YAU, Chairman JPKK Kampung Menglembu and MR LEONG CHEE WAI from Majlis Daerah Batu Gajah for coming and celebrate the new 𝐊𝐊 𝐒𝐔𝐏𝐄𝐑 𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐭 opening today with us 😊