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KK Motorsports is an experienced auto performance enhancement specialist who also retail car auto parts and accessories. We are dedicated and committed to quality service, high level of professionalism, product dependability at competitive prices. These are reasons that garner client loyalty and underline our success in the auto industry. We carry with us our own-brand products, as well as retailing some more the notable brand in the market.


We have a team of skillful and experienced professionals who are fervently working to give our client a complete and most competitive line of automotive parts as well as the best customer support. Our vision is to become one amongst the top automotive customizing, maintenance and body repair shops and lead the Malaysian automotive industry through expertise, innovation, competitive pricing and outstanding service to our valued customers and business partners.


Our team of expertise is specialized in the installations of auto stereo system, lamps, alarm system, body kits, performance parts, accessories and wiring services. They are also experienced technicians fully equipped to meet all our client’s automotive needs.


At KK Motorsports, commitment to customer service, integrity, ethical leaderships and loyal employees are keeping us a strong and respected. We firmly stood by “honesty is our best policy” as we provide honest suggestions and knowledge to our client with best understanding and care.


Our clients are always first. We will go the extra mile to make sure they get the assistance they need and nothing more and nothing less. We are constantly updating our shelves to bring our client the newest and most exciting products. We make sure our client enter our store finding a great selection of quality merchandise at reasonable prices.


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