KK Logo - Rationale

Our logo illustrates our foundation and focus. KK is the name of the Founder. KK is conspicuously placed in the central position emphasized with box embossed effect lends prominence and easy brand recognition. The three-band wings on either side of KK serves as a visibility trap attracting attention from afar.


The color of RED in the letter of KK symbolizes warmth and friendliness of our shop assistants. The color itself is eye-catching causing the brand to stand proud as a beacon beckoning welcome. For the Chinese, red also symbolizes prosperity and good fortune.


The color of ORANGE in the three-band wings is outstanding with elegance. The brightness in its tone enhances visibility to directionally focus convergence towards its location while the color of earth GREEN denotes eco-friendliness in a safe and stress-free participation.


Members of KK Group of Companies

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