SKCC Laboratories

A Skincare & Personal Care Manufacturer


SKCC Lab (SKCC Laboratories Sdn Bhd) is centrally located in Taman Desaria, Petaling Jaya Selatan, Selangor, giving it with easy access of Air transport, Sea transport and Land transport facilities . It has an operation space complete with transit storage of 16,000 sq. ft. SKCC Lab is a Manufacturing Plant complete with R & D that is ISO compliant, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HALAL certified.


SKCC Lab is structured for the production of Cosmetics, Skin Care and Toiletries Products catering to both local and international markets. In addition to manufacturing cater to the demand of our sister companies, SKCC Lab provides a one-stop-services concept to those wishing to develop proprietary product range. With our R & D facility, services like Original Development Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM) are available for the creation of such self-owned brand. In this direction SKCC Lab caters to develop, design, manufacture and registration for NOT (Notification Number) and HALAL certification as well.


In line with the national innovation agenda driven by AIM (Agensi Inovasi Malaysia), SKCC Lab prides itself with the incorporation of Research & Development as well as Quality Control facilities. Apart from investment  machineries and equipment, SKCC Lab is also enthusiastic towards human resource development to accomplish a pool of K (Knowledged) Human Capital who are contributors in output of market quality products and also prompt delivery.   
Research & Development and Quality Control.


The varied production and formulation processes in the manufacture of skin care & treatment products, body care, face & body mask, personal hygiene, various toiletries products and aromatherapy & spa products are carefully and specifically formulated by SKCC Lab. Only the finest, natural and safe ingredients are used with the formulation and production administered by our a team of Chemists and Microbiologist headed by a Research & Development Manager of more than 10 years experience.


Products are thoroughly tested for performance and safety within specially designed evaluation booths for a highly controlled environment. Specific quality standards are developed for all SKCC Lab manufactured products before production begins. Batch samples of every product in production is taken as control stock to enhance Quality Assurance.


SKCC Lab assures excellence in the development of safe, efficient and quality products.


General Manager, Mr. Tee Kok Hiem was in cosmetic & toiletries industry for more than 20 years. He had set up 4 cosmetics manufacturing plant in Malaysia & China for the past 14 years. He leads, manages and oversees the factory operations that meet the requirement of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) under the Bureau of Pharmaceutical Malaysia authorisation. He also handles the entire contract enquiry & coordinates with the R&D for the product development. He is responsible to plan for future expansion in business market and manufacturing sides like production capacity and improves the efficacy and productivity of workforce.



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