Hornet Marketing

Hair Care & Treatment Specialist


Established since 2001, Hornet Marketing is a trading company specializing in wholesale of hair care and treatment products. We are the supplier of hair salon-quality products of wide variety of type and made at very competitive prices. Our products are designed to help keeping hair healthy and shinny every day.


At Hornet Marketing, we are committed to restoring and maintaining healthy hair and scalp. Our team of dedicated staffs always works collectively to source and establish sustainable and authentic hair care products. Critical analysis of active ingredients in our product line ensures quality suiting usage in beautifying and healing properties. We are focusing and exploring the potential of natural ingredients in its efficacy in hair care.


One can maintain beautiful hair through regular salon visits, a healthy diet and most importantly using a good hair care products. For the sole purpose of sharing good hair care products with everyone, Hornets Marketing is in possession of its own house brand that included MP, Venns, Featha, B&G, Feeling, Gocare and HL as well as agency for Yellow, Silky and Prosys and proudly distributing them countrywide to more than 50 hair care dealers who in turn serves more than 3,000 hair salon.


To lend marketing support to our business partners, Hornets Marketing proudly organizes and sponsors hair shows with the participation of international hair stylists.


As a crowning glory and a commitment to achieve pricing efficiency for our business partners we are proud to be backed with our own manufacturing facilities which will certainly poise us in a challenging position to be one of the leading brands in the market place and initiate our challenge into the rest of Asian and European market.

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